Pathwwway Partners You Can Use to Drive Your Business!

Pathwwway partners can help in driving your business in diverse ways. From helpdesk software to email marketing and marketing automation, there are a plethora of business solutions on offer at Pathwwway. Strategic alliances with top brands have made a difference to the way Pathwwway’s clients can stay ahead of their competitors.

  • Mobivate: Premier Bulk SMS Service
Mobivate Limited is a mobile solutions firm, offering short-code aggregation services, bulk SMS, premium rate SMS, mobile marketing and content as well as robust technology to customers globally. It also offers user-friendly, reliable and powerful systems ensuring customers can monetise content and promote brands and have cutting-edge mobile solutions. Mobivate sends over 50 million premium rate messages in a single month across ten countries worldwide.

  • Optimove: Science-First Relationship Marketing
Optimove offers a relationship marketing software solution, that combines predictive customer analytics, multi-channel campaign execution engine and AI optimisation technologies to provide a personalised approach customers can relate to. Optimove can get the right message across the right channel to customers each time. The results are positive as there are more loyal customers, and increases in customer spend, retention, engagement and lifetime value.

  • Mixpanel: Analytics Service With a Difference

Mixpanel offers proprietary analytics services that ensure innovation, excellent reliability and optimal performance. Analysing more than seven trillion data points annually, Mixpanel is making product analytics for mobile and web apps simple and seamless. It offers an easy-to-use platform that lets individuals in organisations understand the user journey.

By offering a deeper understanding of the way users interact with apps, leaders and product teams, the aim is focused on improving quality and getting value from development cycles. An average customer query scans over 50 thousand events and queries can equal as high as ten billion events. Among the top Pathwwway partners, Mixpanel solutions ingest close to one petabyte of uncompressed data every single month.

  • Inspectlet: Exceptional User Testing Tool

Inspectlet is just the right tool for monitoring user behaviour on the site. This user testing tool offers recordings of mouse movements, eye-tracking heatmaps, click heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, scroll, click, and key-press.  Record over 100 visitors in a single month for free using this tool. The sessions record comes with every detail from duration of the session to screen size, referrer and starting page. Inspectlet provides powerful insights to understand what is happening as people visit the website. Find out how visitors are interacting with your site using this awesome tool.

  • LiveChat: Real Time Analytics and Customer Care

LiveChat provides analytics and software solutions for sales and support agents in real time. It permits simple communication between website owners and prospective buyers who could be stuck on the site with concerns and queries. LiveChat provides data about visitors, mobile chatting, customised agent profiles and much more.

  • New Relic: Collect and Analyse Data

New Relic, a SaaS service provider, is among the Pathwwway Ltd partners that provides amazing digital solutions. Its cloud-linked platform and suite of products include New Relic platform which lets you collect and analyse customer data. New Relic APM provides visibility into the usage and performance of server-based apps such as data associated with response time, error rates, transaction throughput, top transactions and user satisfaction.

Then, there’s New Relic Mobile which offers insights into performance of mobile apps. New Relic Browser monitors desktop and mobile browser based end users. New Relic also offers a synthetics tool which simulates usage and reproduces business critical functionality enabling users to test software across the entire life-cycle.

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