How A Party Planning Business Can Apply Customer Retention Management Techniques

To make sure that your clients keep coming back to you for all their events in the yearly party calendar, you need to apply some of the most robust and relevant customer retention management strategies. As event organizers, your business must be capable of meeting the social needs of the target audience in a memorable and cost-effective manner. It is important to build bonds with your regular customers even after the event is hosted   to their satisfaction. Pay Attention To Detail The amount of time you spend before the party in planning and organizing will help in attaining a loyal customer base. Most party hosts are sticklers for details. Ensuring that no effort has been spared to give attendees the best experience will be a big plus point. Right from choice of date to venue, from event schedule to assortment of great playlists for the dance floor and curation of best menus for the dinner, get everything planned in advance. Deploy The Best Event Planning Software T

How Could Marconi be the Inventor of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is often equated with social media, SEO and Google AdWords. However, it is only part of internet marketing. Online marketing encompasses a lot more than that. When you advertise, market and promote products and services by using digital electronic devices, it is said to be exactly what web marketing constitutes. While internet marketing is a relatively new term, it’s origin dates back to 100s of years, specifically the 1890s. It can all be traced back to 1895, when Italian engineer, aristocrat and inventor Guglielmo Marconi transmitted wireless radio signals across a long distance. By 1896, his invention of the radio was well known. In 1899, Marconi demonstrated the first wireless transmission through a radio to England. So, what has this got to do with digital marketers in the modern age, tapping social media and online channels? Everything, according to the marketing experts who hold Marconi to be the father of online marketing. Here’s how it works out.

5 Helpful Tips From Pathwwway for Your New Business Venture!

There are over 28.8 million small businesses in the UK and now is the time to accomplish big, by beginning new business ventures. A beginner's guide for all those entrepreneurs willing to go every extra mile to nurture their new enterprises, has been compiled by Pathwwway. #1 Develop An Innovative USP For Your Brand The USP (unique selling proposition) is that assurance that you give your customers on the value of your products and services. That customers will get something more than the money they have invested, will lead to brand placement. Innovation is the key survival technique for new businesses, since customers love brands that provide new and novel products that solve their pain points in a cost-effective manner. #2 Invest In A Simple And Influential Website Though small businesses are tempted to invest in one of those readily available templates, there is a risk of getting ignored by your audiences. Never hesitate to set aside time and money for a custom web

Start Saving Your Company Money From Day One With Pathwwway Ltd

One of the proven advantages of associating with Pathwwway Ltd for digital business development is that there is no dramatic increase in the marketing budget. Existing resources are used to the fullest and any new marketing initiative results only in synergy. Find out how such a value-added partnership can save time and money for your business. Tap Mobile Traffic With Responsive Web Designs Whether you are a digital-only business or one of those brick n mortar companies, missing out on mobile traffic will be a marketing blunder. Developing dedicated layouts for each screen size such as the PC, the phablet and the smartphone, might cost you dearly. Responsive web designs help you provide a seamless experience to users of various devices, at the cost of a single, adaptive layouts built using state-of-art agile technologies. Enjoy Incremental Income With   Affiliate Marketing It is estimated that US spend on affiliate marketing will amount to $6.8 billion by 2020. Even

Client Web Design Clichés' That You Really Want to Avoid

A drag-and-drop template will result in a web design so similar to those of many others. But a custom made design is a symbol of uniqueness and it is natural for clients to be demanding and over-enthusiastic. However, such uniqueness sometimes can come at the expense of functionality and UX. In such cases, it is the duty of designers to point out that it not tenable to accommodate client requirements, as seen hereunder. The Website Must Be Ready In A Very Short Timeframe It is common knowledge that a custom design is not off-the-shelf. Designers can do justice to the web ideas only when given proper time and resources. Yet, you have the client breathing down the neck, demanding delivery at the earliest. Such squeezes can end up detrimental to the design and its functionality. The best way to avoid such situations is to get a time-schedule with milestones and key performance indicators written down and mutual consent thereof obtained. The Website Must Be Unique, And So, A