Internet Marketing Problems in the Age of the Smartphone

While internet marketing trends tend to rule in the digital era, digital marketing channels are far behind. Some challenges and areas of opportunity are outlined here. Each of these is a relevant internet marketing challenge in the present era of mobile marketing and smartphone usage.

#1 Rise of Disruptive Technologies

AI allows more access to customer data to better target ads they interact with. Then Augmented Reality or AR has made an appearance, becoming the latest player in the scenario of digital ad formats. But the truth is targeting will not work because word of mouth publicity rules and adblock walls tend to put web users off. So, while disruptive technologies are changing the face of internet marketing, understanding how these work and where they fail, not just where they succeed is important.

#2 Lifetime Value and Attribution

Marketing is a long term game. Power that personalisation has brought for the accomplishment of sales and conversions, comes with great responsibility. Are money earnings more meaningful? Last click attribution is losing importance as lifetime value gains momentum for businesses. The challenge rests on identifying and tracking valuable customers when technologies to keep track of them is costly.

#3 An Evolving Landscape

Internet marketing online is beset by constant changes in algorithms that impact content required for online sales. As technology advances, the way content is consumed changes. Consider, for example, the 360 degree view ads and AR formats. While embracing the change is important, but testing for best practices is equally important.

#4 The Emergence of Private Marketplaces

Private marketplaces are becoming prevalent due to transparency, brand safety and viewability. Clients are taking business into a premium arena where advertisers can only get in by invitation for quality placement of brands and reaching out to targeted audiences. The problem of such premium marketplaces and how to access them remain a prime concern among digital marketers. Big Data has necessitated that agencies will come to play an important role in the digital marketing ecosystem.

#5 The Need for Brand Authenticity and Transparency

This is gaining pivotal importance. It has become an area of scrutiny, as brand authenticity implies greater credibility. There’s a lot of gaps between traditional marketing models and digital avatars. Around 56 percent of served display ads are never seen due to bots and ad blockers. But now we here about new types of digital media including radio, broadcast TV, movie theatres and OOH. So, there are new catalysts in the mix and marketing is changing even as brand credibility becomes a prime concern.

#6 Knowing When To End a Campaign (Or Start One!)

One of the main challenges digital marketers are facing is knowing when to kill a marketing campaign. As consumers are increasingly becoming connected with the brand online, knowing how to use the digital first approach requires a deeper understanding.

Marketing has changed. Marketing benefits from leveraging digital innovations and taking risks to invest media dollars into digital platforms. Adapt brand creatives so you have a strong narrative that speaks to customers in concise and impactful ways and you will be overcoming a lot of challenges. Differentiating your brand in a crowded market requires innovation. That is why cutting-edge marketing technologies are the key to revitalising your digital marketing campaign in a mobile-first era.

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