Small Business Website Design Tips for Fashion Retail Sites.

In the US alone, retail e-commerce sales of fashion apparel and accessories is expected to breach $103 billion in 2018. This comprises 20 percent of the retail e-commerce sales worldwide and makes the fashion retail industry the single largest product category in the e-commerce industry. Sales are set to top $170 billion by 2022. If you want the share of massive profits, your fashion retail site needs to have impeccable small business website design that offers best-in-class user experience, given the intense competition.

Fashion brands face stiff competition if they’re starting out. Good website design can be the key to taking on large and seasoned brands like Louis Vuitton. A successful small business website design is a must for the brands starting out. Smaller brands like Verge Girl, for example, have successfully retained customers and acquired prospects on account of their awesome e-commerce site design. 

  • How to Make Your Fashion Site Stand Out?

Fashion brands with amazing websites are adept at visual communication and storytelling. They use product descriptions to give character to products and tell appealing stories about their brand’s evolution in the About Us page. Leading fashion brands also avoid selling directly on their homepage and regularly launch new products, selling a specific look.

They make it easy for customers to buy the right size and fitting. They also invite customers to take part in their community and leverage user generated customer reviews to help sell products. Some of the best small business sites for fashion brands include Tabitha Simmons, Olive Clothing, Tucker Blair, Verge Girl and Yala Designs. What makes their sites exceptional is that the website is flexible and innovative, while saving time, cash and launching faster.

Consider Tabitha Simmons for instance. This fashionable footwear brand has a home page that stands out for its awesome and aesthetically pleasing banners featuring premium photography. Product pages display quality images of the elegant shoes. Shoppers can also view size and fit for any shoe, along with site visualisation tools to view the product in different colours.

Another great example of a fashion accessories site is Tucker Blair. The shoppers can zoom in on the product’s needlepoint work, whether it’s sunglass straps or beach totes or hats. Customers can also read client reviews and view related products. The challenge of being an exceptional online brand is to create a sense of continuity and make the customers feel it’s more than just a transaction. Tucker Blair has improved online conversions by 75% by following this idea.

  • What Sets Top Fashion Sites Apart

Top fashion sites come with advanced search capabilities, detailed product descriptions, multiple images and customer reviews to boost shopper confidence.  Consider Olive Clothing, a contemporary UK clothing brand. The site of this fashion brand offers different styles, combining heritage with modernity, street style with understated elegance and simplicity with playfulness. The site has a homepage which draws in visitors with a full screen photograph and the site features faceted search to navigate the fashion label’s extensive catalogue.

From AI to chatbots, new technologies are also paving the way for cost-efficient and affordable website design for smaller fashion brands. Generating a buzz and creating viral marketing impacts is all about knowing your audience and designing your site using this knowledge.

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