Countries that Offer the Best Value For Money When Recruiting a Web Developer

If you’ve ever wondered about which countries produce the best web developer, you’ve come to the right place. A news report from CA based Hacker Rank which studies developer skills and aptitudes worldwide has said it is China. While the second place goes to Russia, Poland is third. Traditional developer nations like United States and India, by contrast, score a dismal 28 and 31 rank respectively.

  • Hacker Rank’s Findings

According to Hacker Rank’s data, China and Russia easily have the most talented developers. Chinese developers outscore other countries when it comes to functional programming, data structure challenges and mathematics. Russia, on the other hand, dominates in algorithms which Hacker Rank deemed to be a popular and competitive arena.

  • US At Rank 28?

The position of the United States at #28 well behind Japan, Greece and even Chile was the result of so many factors. Though US birthed the internet and developed many coding tools, there’s presently a low emphasis on maths and science in American schools today, as per the Pew Research Report. This marks a fairly consistent trend. For example, at the collegiate level of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, schools from China and Russia beat MIT and Harvard!

  • Top Countries for Web Development

Destinations like Malta, Ukraine, Switzerland, Hungary and Poland are also gaining ground as amazing choices for web developer firms.  China scored right on top but Italy was not far behind. Apple has recently announced a new school for 600 developers in Italy’s University of Napoli Federico II. As far as shell scripting challenges and maths are concerned, the Czech Republic developers are on the map too. French developers dominate the C++ challenge as programming classes for this have been offered in elementary schools since June 2014.

Taiwan also scored high on database, functional programming data structure and algorithm challenges. Finally, at AI, Japanese web developer communities are exceptional. Japan is making rapid advancements in the field of artificial intelligence with the University of Tokyo even using AI to diagnose cancer and save lives! Another favourite is Hungary, which is one of the first EU nations to adopt computer programming classes into education in primary and secondary schools.

Then, there’s Switzerland which is the birthplace of Pascal, one of the first computer programming languages in the world. The Swiss nation even ranked first in the Global Innovation Index, 2016.
Malta remains one of the hottest new destinations for web development, along with Ukraine. If you are looking for cost-effective and professional web development solutions, these two countries are a great choice. For example, Ukrainian developers can be hired at USD 3000 per month as against 3-4 times the amount charged by their counterparts in developed countries. Malta is another great option, because this EU Island is a haven for ICT, IT and software development. It has experienced and skilled middle level and senior developers available at really affordable costs.

So while the favourite destinations for outsourcing remain countries like India, the research shows why nations like China, Russia and Malta are a better choice. Choose wisely and you may be able to get the benefits of professional website design and development at half the price of a developed country at these locations!

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