Customer Retention Tips For Telephone Contacts

To market to telephone contacts is more rewarding and influential than other avenues, due to the emotional appeal of voice and tone. From selling a product to resolving a query and through the journey from acquisition to retention, a simple telephone call is more effective than volumes of emails and Chabot conversations. Here are some marketing techniques for customer retention by way of a telephone call.

#1 Fix KPIs Around Phone Query Resolution
The quality control of telephonic customer service is challenging even if every call is painstakingly recorded and monitored. Allowing customers to rate the customer service staff and rewarding them with incentives works better than policing on calls and reprimanding.

#2 Don't Keep Them Waiting For Ages
There is nothing more frustrating than having to go through never-ending IVRS options before the call finally gets transferred to a human source. Indulge your loyal customers by bypassing the IVRS and enable them to get their calls transferred to an agent instantly.

#3 Focus On SMS Marketing
Telephone contacts are a haven for SMS marketing and investing in low cost messaging software will enable the delivery of personalized messages. SMS forms a major part of post purchase communication by thanking people for the opportunity to serve them. Reminders, follow-ups and scheduling of revisit appointments are rendered better and result in enhanced customer retention figures.

#4 Capitalize On Instant Interaction Opportunities
A phone conversation offers the opportunity to exchange instant responses. Most importantly, the responses can be tailored and tweaked to the mood and tone of the customer. When calls are made to secure acceptance for a purchase or a repurchase, the rhetorical values of a telephone communication must be upheld. Edge your customers towards impulsive associations with your brand.

#5 Calling To Apologise Can Win Hearts
A dissatisfied customer is an asset for customer retention. Making a call with an apology, reasoning or clarification is one of the time-tested loyalty cultivation tips. Every customer knows it is easier to write out a note of apology than to call. Bonding with the brand improves with genuine calls of apology and a customer may think twice on their decision to switch brands.

#6 Hone Your Listening And Escalating Skills
 Escalate when you must and maintain the  balance between being effective and time-effective. Customers love the fact that they are being listened to and often like being escalated to a person of higher rank if their queries cannot be addressed in the first contact.

For the customer to come knocking on your door again, it is important for your customer service to profile telephone contacts and understand their key buying personas. A personalized phone service has become the need of the hour for businesses to survive the identity crisis imposed due to the impersonal nature of the internet.

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