How Pathwwway Partners Silverpop Can Help Your Business?

Pathwwway partners such as Silverpop can really help your business to grow. Founded in 1999, and based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Silverpop is known for its digital marketing solutions for firms seeking to personalise and automate customer interaction. This company presently employs 450 individuals and spans 3 continents, as far as operations are concerned. Silverpop holds an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. The online reviews regarding Silverpop are positive for a reason – this company scores on customer satisfaction.

An Unusual Approach

Rather than focusing primarily on ROI, Silverpop helps clients to attain a superior Return on Relationship. This is accomplished by enabling every client to get the right mix of solutions for special digital marketing requirements. If the company manufactures widgets and is looking to engage customers through digital media, Silverpop can help you. Among Pathwwway partners, Silverpop is a unique service provider. It can help your business to reach out to clients through marketing automation, social media, email and mobile or a combination of these.

A Wide Array of Digital Marketing Products

Silverpop provides a lot of services and products to help businesses like never before and maximise ROI.

#1 Engage Marketing Automation

Silverpop helps you to communicate with prospective clients and nurture relationships from the first point of contact to the time of closing sales. With an Essentials package starting at USD 800 per month, the Enterprise Package commences at USD 1500 in a single month.

#2 Engage Email

This Silverpop product allows customers to automate email campaigns while gaining a deep insight into customer behaviours. While the Essentials package is priced at USD 600/month, the Enterprise package is pegged at USD 1000 per month.

#3 CoreMotives

This amazing product boosts ROI and is compatible with Microsoft Dynamic CRM software. Pricing is based on customised packages ordered. 

#4 PlacePunch

For m-commerce operations, this product is exceptional. It focuses primarily on creating personalised interactions with mobile customers. Pricing commences at USD 500/month.

#5 Transact

This is a Silverpop product that boosts in-house messaging capabilities, in association with existing technologies. Prices are based on certain needs.

#6 Visitor Insight

This product provides detailed data about visitors to the site, who they are and how they have reached you. Prices for this product start at USD 250/month.

#7 Mobile Messaging

This is a customised text and SMS messaging solution for reaching customers in fresh and exciting ways. Prices are based on specific needs.

#8 Email Insights

This permits emails to look across a wide range of platforms and maximise your marketing effectiveness, with packages starting at USD 40 per month.

#9 Consulting and Managed Services

Silverpop’s consulting services create a strategic Pathwwway partners marketing vision for producing exceptional results. Pricing is on a custom basis. Managed services provide customers with an end-to-end approach for marketing campaigns and prices are based on the custom packages.

#10 Custom Engineering

Silverpop also helps businesses to integrate technologies for getting the best ROI, with prices on a custom basis.

About Silverpop

Silverpop Systems Inc., the company associated with Silverpop has provided a marketing team focused solutions since its inception. This is an important service provider among Pathwwway partners. Its marketing automation solution is perfect for mid-sized as well as large enterprises. Its software can be used by retail sector, high tech, financial services, transport, travel, hospitality, media and publishing industries. Clients of Silverpop include Mazda, AMD and Teletext Holidays. Its marketing automation software boasts drag and drop support, decision diamond logic, multiple scoring models and centralised scoring.

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