How to Use Twitter for Better Customer Retention Strategies

For better customer retention strategies, marketers need to look no further than micro-blogging site, Twitter. Even as new and emerging social networks gain popularity, Twitter remains the best platform for brands reaching out in real time and businesses looking to learn more about their customers. If you’re wondering why this social media channel is a champion, when it comes to customer retention strategies, here are the factors that come into play:
  • Why Twitter Soars Above Competitors
Built for immediacy, Twitter has tools even platforms like Messenger miss out on. While Facebook’s Messenger offers sophisticated and advanced automation tools and is push-notification enabled, Twitter is about fast posting and ‘of the moment’ conversations. It is also real-time, as opposed to algorithm-driven Facebook feeds. Tweets have longer shelf lives as content posted on Twitter is easily indexed by Google. Running advanced search queries for analysing sentiments is also easier.

  • Why Twitter Boosts Customer Retention
The beauty of this social media customer service is that you can talk to customers in real-time easily.  Additionally, you can build better relationships and connections, while using feedback to boost online reputation. Having an active support presence on Twitter also pays off. Research in 2015 by this micro-blogging platform along with Applied Marketing Science found airline customers receiving prompt support responses via Twitter were more likely to recommend such airline companies to others and be repeat customers here as well.

  • Twitter Generates Responses
One also needs to find insights on Twitter and this can easily be achieved by relying on analytics. This forms a customer feedback loop at the heart of customer retention strategies, which improve the experience for all customers and boost products and systems. Twitter is a veritable gold mine for discovering points of confusion, consumer problems and experiences you can learn from. Jumping in and solving the problem was never easier, but so is understanding your target audience’s expectations. Making strategic improvements to customer retention programs is facilitated by Twitter.

  • Support for Customers

Along with customer retention through exceptional support, Twitter also meets other issues like responses to FAQs which are repetitive and tedious. Evernote, for example, uses the Twitter conversations to the messages section where they use Twitter welcome messages and gain quick reply automation to tackle the problem at its root. As 42 per cent of consumers contacting brands on social expect a response in a maximum of 60 minutes, this automation can be crucial for customer retention.

  • Deeper Analyses

Twitter analytics organise feedback for the product team to analyse and incorporate. Twitter direct message quick replies even generate a Net Promoter Score rating and integrate with Zapier to support conversations or send data to other tools for analysis across time or triggering message drips to delight customers. Tweets need to be applied to long-term business improvement. The focus is on using Twitter as a tool for customer retention strategies. With lightning fast speeds, instantaneous communications and quick connectivity, social media platforms like Twitter remain at the forefront of cutting-edge marketing technologies for acquiring new customers as well as retaining existing ones.

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