Is it Possible to Create a Working Web Design for a Retail Site in Less Than a Month?

While it is possible to create a working web design for your retail site in under a month, the question is: Would you want to compromise on design quality and utility? For a professional web agency, ecommerce store design is a lengthy process because of the complexities it involves.

Ecommerce is a massive business and it has been around for some time. Site design impacts the aesthetics, functionality and value of the website. As a designer, one cannot afford to ignore excellent ecommerce design. Neither can a business miss out on the competitive edge it provides.

  • Deciding on the Product Range

One of the biggest problems in an approach to designing an ecommerce site is deciding whether it will be a single-product or multi-product site. A site with tons of products has different needs compared to a single item. Single product sites have multiple pages too, but relatively simple information architecture. Sites with multiple products will have a wide range of pages and different requirements to keep all factors consistent as well as organised.

  • Why Ecommerce Store Design Takes Time

The web design process for ecommerce is different from other kinds of site. It is primarily an established product line or store, with a lot of design constructs in place. It is also crucial to consider existing product photos and budget for compelling graphics. The sales funnel and the pages between the home page and the final checkout are other important aspects that need to be mapped out from the start.

A successful online store needs to build a sense of trust among shoppers. If a shopper does not like a site, they can take their business to your competitor. Simplicity and ease of use are essential. Transparency needs to go hand-in-hand with trustworthiness.

While designing an ecommerce site, you also need to consider the type of site, company as well as products being sold. People need to sell products they are buying before making a purchase. Since shopping online prevents a person from actually seeing the product, high-quality images are a key requirement the store site needs to meet.

Every product page also needs to have links to other related products. Additionally, social media sharing functions need to be an important part of the product page design. Word-of-mouth is a powerful ad and it  makes it easy for customers to share purchases and ideas about products or services. Share buttons also need to be integrated on the product pages, once the visitor has made a purchase. Product descriptions must also be detailed.

  • What Your Site Needs

So, all these processes take their time. After all, you do want to ensure that the design can handle descriptions of more than a single paragraph without looking unappealing. With basics overlaid on the image, you need detailed descriptions below for care, material, style, fit and shipping or return for apparel retailers, for instance.

The checkout process also needs to be quick and simple, as does the loading time.

A working web design can be created for a site quickly. But planning is the key to success. Your design needs to serve as a blueprint for an effective presentation that interests and engages with individuals. Web designers and agencies alike have a wealth of experience, when it comes to designing your online store. Set a timeline that they judge suitable to meet your requirements and you’ll have a quality website worth your time and money.

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