How Do Large Department Stores Use Customer Loyalty Programs?

Large department stores are a wonderful place to shop for various items. But what is most rewarding about shopping at these massive retail stores is the amazing customer loyalty programs on offer. Customer loyalty is not a matter of dealing in discounts and promotional offers, but a concentrated effort to bring about brand advocacy and prompt referrals. Here are the different ways that Pathwwway Ltd suggests large department stores make shopping worth your while through customer loyalty initiatives.

  • Sears: Shop Your Way

One of the top retail rewards programs in place is undoubtedly Sears “Shop Your Way”. It’s a customer loyalty program allowing consumers to earn points when they shop. Each time one shops at Sears, they receive ten points for every dollar spent. Points can be redeemed on future purchases. Apart from points to spend in the store, the Sears loyalty initiative offers access to coupons that are exclusive. Sears also provides a lot of different options for membership. One can get a free membership as well as access to membership perks. Paid members get a whole new option called Max Members. This costs just USD 39 and customers get free shipping on different types of purchases.

  • Kohl: Yes2You Rewards

Another department store that offers a good customer loyalty program is Kohl’s. The Kohl’s customer loyalty initiative is called Yes2You and it offers a great selection of bonuses and benefits. For every dollar spent at Kohl’s you get a point as a reward. So, for every 100 points received, one gets USD 5 as a reward. Shopping at Kohl’s means one can really benefit from customer  loyalty programs. Additionally, one gets a chance to earn bonus points, offers and birthday gifts.

  • JC Penney: Rewards Program

While visiting JC Penney for clothing, or appliances, customers benefit from an infinite number of reward programs. As a member, points are received each time one shops at this department store. For 200 points received, around USD 10 cash prizes are awarded. One can become a member of JC Penney Rewards by enrolling for free.

  • Nordstrom: Customer Loyalty Cards

The Nordstrom rewards program offers customers access to a lot of benefits, bonuses and perks. When one is a member of Nordstrom Rewards, points can be accessed for store credit called Nordstrom Notes. If one earns 2,000 points, a USD 20 cash prize is awarded. For every dollar you are spending at the store, online or in-store, you get one point.

As with many different reward programs on the list, Nordstrom has different levels of membership. Each level is associated with its own bonuses in addition to points earned. Apart from the consumer loyalty program. Nordstrom also offers a credit card initiative. The Nordstrom credit card program functions as a rewards card, too. It enables customers to earn points twice as fast.

  • Macy’s Plenti Rewards

Another top department store with a loyalty scheme is Macy’s, through its Plenti Rewards program. With this customer loyalty program, Macy’s offers its customers discounts and incredible offers. When over 200 points are saved, these can be used at the checkout in Macy’s for savings. With over 1,000 Plenti points, one gets USD 10 off the next product purchased.

  • SaksFirst Store Card
This is a loyalty card program from Saks, one of the oldest department stores out there. You can use this card to avail points redeemed for rewards. The rewards program features various membership tiers. As one progresses through every level, one earns more rewards. There are different membership tiers namely Premier, Elite, Platinum and Diamond. Once points are earned, these can be redeemed for a gift card at Sak’s with 2500 points equivalent to a gift card.

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