The Top Customer Retention Strategies For The Drink Industry

Statistics on beverage industry basics reveal that the alcoholic drinks market will witness a total revenue figure of over 239 billion US dollars in 2018, with the spirits market alone counting to  $56,148 million. Major F & B firms are now rejuvenating their customer retention strategies, in order to connect better with the values and expectations of their existing customers. To illustrate the point, the beverages major Coca Cola has decided to phase out its popular loyalty program called My Coke Rewards, based on critical feedback from customers and is all set to relaunch a new set of customer retention stargazes.

  • Use Instagram To Create Visual Appeal

Instagram has made it to the limelight as a super-efficient photo and video sharing social media platform. Upon creating a business account, beverage firms can stock their galleries with high quality and inspiring images. Being active on social media platforms results in photos of your brand getting tagged on Instagram and these results in solid referral traffic. The 'raise-a-glass' campaign of Jack Daniels has been extremely rewarding, wherein customers are encouraged to share photos of them with the brand. The brand has been engaging audiences on other platforms like Tumbler and Facebook as well with its stunning images.

  • Remember Special Occasions Of Loyal Customers

Loyal customers love to be remembered on their special days like birthdays and anniversaries, when there are more reasons for them to wine and dine. F & B organizations can automate their customer retention strategies and keep their frequent communications calendar active. It serves double purposes of urging active customers for fresh sales and also prevents dormant customers from attrition. Some proven examples include the DD perks campaign of Dunkin Donuts that offers a free drink on birthdays, while the A & W group of restaurants, Alaska offer free root beer float upon joining the A & W mug club.

  • Encourage Customers To Share Experiences

This is the age of social selling. Getting customers to interact with your brand will get tangible results from customer retention programs. It is also important to feature user generated content as against self-generated promotional content on digital platforms. Getting customers to talk passionately about your brand, their experiences on buying the first drink and nostalgia associated with the same are ways of making your online presence interesting. Influencing customers to upload photos with their favourite drink has been a very rewarding strategy that can boost sales and also your SEO position. Besides brand to customer interaction, it is also important to attend to community-building initiatives and encourage customer to customer communication. This assures more traction to the brand and increases brand loyalty.

The beverage portfolio is very profitable for any F & B organization, provided that customers bring in potential lifetime value. More than financial rewards and incentives, it is only loyalty programs that win emotionally connected customers who are less price-sensitive. It is a proven fact that customers might not hesitate to pay a little more, when they learn that their brand is socially responsible and delivers safe and healthy products.

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