How Do The Pathwwway Customer Retention Team Approach The Hotel Industries?

To turn the first-time guests into regular, returning guests, the hotel industry strives to meet and exceed their expectations. Marketing automation and personalized customer services are the solutions brought to the table by the Pathwwway customer retention team. Online strategies complement the offline remarketing endeavours that aid in the cultivation of long time brand loyalty.

  • Hotel Website Management

The website of a hotel is one of the first impressions that customers get, especially when they have not had the chance to visit the hotel in the past. Pathwwway customer retention makes every website visit a memorable one with advanced UX-enhancing features on the website. By posting candid reviews and guest testimonials in the home page, the visiting prospect is assured of pleasant and high quality services. Making reservations and cancellations easy and direct, over the website is a smart way to win back customers.

  • Analytics Of Customer Behaviour And Action Points

Whenever a guest checks-in, it is an open opportunity for hotels to take every effort to satisfy them. While guest satisfaction is enhanced by courteous service and pleasing behaviour of the hotel crew, Pathwwway uses a generous measure of technology as well. By keeping track with customer data, both online and offline, it is possible to remarket personalized offers to them. For example, if a guest prefers a poolside room and a continental menu, surprise him the next time by providing these in advance.

  • Providing Outstanding Customer Service

By attending even to the very least of guest demands, like airport transfers, extra beds and facilities for the aged etc., hotels get closer to their emotions and not their wallets. This can be achieved only with streamlined and empathetic customer service, during, before and after customer stay. Pathwwway retention marketers approach clients in the hotel industry with a concrete plan to provide automated and personalized customer services that reduces customer efforts and budget, but maximizes their satisfaction.

  • Build Your Social Media Presence

The power of the social has now become so influential, that hoteliers cannot afford to stay off Facebook or Twitter or YouTube. Since social media receives video based and visual content better, it becomes easier to improve guest satisfaction and convey the ambience of your hotel by posting high quality pictures and videos.  Whether you are catering to B2B or B2C clients, choosing the right channels and tools in social media is crucial to reach right segments of customer at the right time.

  • Mapping The Guest Journey And Maintaining Frequent Communications

From the time a prospective lead phones in or accesses your website, till the time he checks out as a guest, Pathwwway handholds your business in mapping his journey and making it productive for both the parties. With every guest, the hotels experience a learning curve to fine-tune their delivery model.

Pathwwway customer retention is all about maximizing guest satisfaction during their stay. The Customer is King thumb rule applies very well to the hospitality sector and it is only by ensuring courteous customer service that hotels can expect their customers to keep coming back. Automating customer relationship management and brand promotion using social media are eventful ways to get continued patronage from customers.

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