How Website Design Increases Time on Page

Do you seek business profits and unlimited growth? Time on page could be valuable in boosting sales and bringing about conversions. You need to consider this metric for the kind of traffic your website is getting. Website traffic matters in terms of quantity, quality and engagement. But how does this relate to business success?

Quite simply, in the present digital era, the internet is a global marketplace and a vibrant, dynamic presence online is essential for attracting prospects, sustaining customer interests and clinching sales. Bounce rates and average time spent on pages are essential to get deeper insights into how visitors are interacting with the site and your brand. Here’s how website design increases time on page.

Optimising Web Pages for Mobile

The number of smartphone users soared to 2 billion in 2016 and the numbers have been growing since then. Mobile devices have become the go-to choice for surfing the web and interacting with your company website. A large percentage of ecommerce shoppers also log online using mobiles. The smartphone shopper is where your traffic comes from. Loyal customers bring referrals. This is why time spent on pages is such an important metric and smart website design can optimise web pages for mobile. Optimising a website for mobile makes it easier for people to navigate and read text on the site.

Identifying Most Shared Content

As website professionals are able to assess which blogs rank higher on the search engines and are frequently shared through internet and social media platforms, they can shape effective online marketing strategies. Blogs open a window of opportunity for the user to be engaged; once the consumer reads the content and likes it, he or she does focus on other aspects of the business site, such as products and services on offer.

Resolving Structural Issues

If the bounce rates are high, website design and development professionals look at pages from the perspective of the user. Ensuring that there are no errors is the first step. Structuring the content to make navigation easy and the layout clean is important. Content should match meta description and these are the quick and easy fixes a smart web professional offers. The web development team also ensures links are identifiable, relevant and intuitive on every page.

From relevant keywords to titles and page descriptions throughout the site, one can generate a large number of visitors using SEO strategies. SEO is the key to interacting and engaging with clients.

Increasing Load Speeds

Another benefit of choosing an intelligent web design professional or agency for the job is that it takes less time to load pages on the site. With large, high-resolution images, pages take long to load. Web professionals can fend it off using average page on time to see what’s working and what’s not. They also know marketing metrics and carry out best practices to improve bounce rates.

Understanding SEO Trends

From breaking up large bodies of text to designing an intuitive interface, to compelling images, relevant content and aesthetic fontwork, each aspect is looked into by the website design professional. Web designers also consider the different keywords and long-tail keywords prospects enter into the site to ensure strong volumes of traffic and customers who buy your products or believe in your brand power.

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