Famous Internet Marketing Campaigns That Worked

Digital marketing has introduced disruptive changes in the way businesses coexist with their customers. The success of any internet marketing campaign depends on the transparency, cost and out-reach of the channels chosen. In the face of a multitude of online marketing methods, businesses can get lost making a rational choice. The following campaigns have proved successful and have stood the tests of time.

  • Nestlé's Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Undoubtedly the pioneer among various  methods of internet marketing, manoeuvring the social media handles have brought in transformative changes for many businesses. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have exposed the human side of some businesses to their target markets. Nestlé, the FMCG major is a classic example of a business that shot to quick commercial success by adopting aggressive social media internet marketing campaigns. In fact the celebrated Nescafé brand is a forerunner in migrating to the social media platform of Tumblr with the vintage page in both Tumblr and Twitter, winning it laurels.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns Of PayPal

A wide outreach, strong retentive value and effective engagement of targeted readers are the specialties of mail marketing. PayPal, the payment processor giant has been a profitable user of mail marketing. To build engagement with its users, PayPal send quality emails that welcomes, on-boards and handholds customers throughout their journey. PayPal has been able to widen its lead base by collecting and documenting data from mail transactions. PayPal's emails lead to the creation of sensible online communities by way of the value added features in sending, receiving and sharing money, anywhere, anytime. The PayPal internet marketing community is a platform where individual and commercial users of PayPal can connect and grow with the business.

  • Flickr's Blog Marketing Campaigns

The image and video hosting service is popular for its creative and engaging blogs that help it steal the limelight amidst hectic competition. The blog is dotted with high-quality content and the juiciest infographics that bring out the adventurer in every reader. Providing a curated choice of photos and videos from the Flickr community, its blogs are breeding places for interaction and customer traction. A sense of self-satisfaction results in users when their projects are featured in the blog. Flickr has capitalized on user generated content with its blog marketing strategies. The innovations and value-added features that Flickr introduces periodically have gained impressive facelift from blogs.

  • The Image And Video Marketing Of Tesla

Instagram is an excellent platform to share images and content. The electric auto manufacturer Tesla has proved that Instagram is not only for apparel and fashion businesses. Instagram internet marketing campaign has allowed them to get great mileage for the auto products. About 4.6 million followers have been secured over the years for their Instagram page. Brand appeal is enhanced by high quality images that are posted, that reveal even the minute parts of vehicles.
An apt way to use the above strategies is to tailor them for the target market. A test period is most welcome for a business to validate and draw boundaries to its digital marketing campaigns. What’s important is the scalability and adaptability of the campaigns throughout the buyer journey with the business.

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