5 Great Examples Of Small Business Website Design!

Handcrafting an impactful website for small business that is tailored to its market and its budget requires technical competence and creative potential. The following five are relevant examples to understand how web developers enable businesses to track user psychology and impact conversion.
  • Ribbon Global Inc.
As solution-providers in brand management, category management and product development, Ribbon Global presents its promise to transform small and medium businesses. The text has been prominently placed in large letters interweaved with an assortment of images that portray solutions being brainstormed and articulated. The caption, "We are a global company with a local feel" has been strategically placed to highlight the portfolio of customized offerings to suit any business type. The small business website design is minimalist, without bells and whistles. The sliders capture user attention without allowing them to deviate from the mainframe.
  • Groovejar
Groovejar works with start-ups and SMEs, to lift them out of the germination phase and launches them into activity. The design is a classic example of UI/UX on websites. A user-friendly chat enables effective interaction with the business. The big "try it for free" button pays to improve brand credibility and also drives sensible traffic to the business. User testimonials have been expertly added to improve transparency. The power of the pop-up app Groovejar has been unleashed through decluttered and aesthetic images and content. The major highlight is that the product has been demonstrated right on the website, so that businesses do not have to take any extra step in getting familiarized.
  • Fiverr
The marketplace for freelancers, Fiverr uses small business website design to connect with the world, and acts as a bridge between service providers and seekers. It uses all aspects of trending small business website design like video based content, social media exposure and an impressive service portfolio. The thumbnail images to represent every service on demand helps to bring the right solution for the right demand.
  • Before Beauty Bar Salons
This web design catches the pulse of the beauty industry and lauds itself as the creator of beauty. The convenient e-shop button helps customers to shop online in a hassle-free manner. The business has been able to successfully position its salons in highly competitive markets thanks to innovative small business website design. Placing call to action buttons strategically, mobile optimization and connecting with social media networks are the ways in which the Before Beauty range of salons  reaches out to global markets.
  • Cutter And Buck
Adjudged as one of the best website designs in 2018, this small business boasts of a resplendent array of sports and fashion apparel. The website is a happening platform for adventure lovers and is full of events, brand campaigns and gift cards. To tap the market for precious analytics, an enticing pop up offers a flat 15% discount for signing up to mailing lists. The brand story has been unveiled in an appealing manner. The variety in collections have been highlighted attractively. Providing a value added user experience and building a responsive website are the traffic drivers to this innovation.

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