Your Latest Web Marketing Tools And How To Use Them

Web marketing is changing with the advent of new tools and technologies. The marketing landscape is constantly evolving thanks to advancing technologies. Here are some of the latest digital marketing tools and how to use them.

#1 Screaming Frog

This tool was designed for site crawling. The SEO spider tool is used by this digital marketing tool to provide data and reports. Users looking to find broken links, analysing page titles and meta data or generation of XML sitemaps can rely on this tool. It also reports on audit redirects, detecting content duplication, reviewing bot movements and directives. Using this tool is simple and it even integrates with Google Analytics.

#2 SEMRush

SEMRush is another great digital marketing tool with comprehensive keyword analysis capabilities. Through this tool, web marketing experts research the best keywords in the niche, which sites rank for these keywords besides looking into keywords competitors use. SEMRush also offers a full overview of the domain, besides tracking backlinks, mobile or desktop breakdowns, keyword suggestions and SEO recommendations.

#3 Majestic

With an exclusive focus on backlinks, Majestic earns its place in the list because Google has ensured quality content is king. Not just monitoring, but acquiring backlinks are critical to success in search engine results. Majestic delivers on all these fronts. It even has a backlink index dating to 2011. Domain comparison and backlink comparison tools make Majestic perfect for detecting flaws on your site.

Metrics include citation flow or number of backlinks and trust flow or quality of bank-links. It even offers SEO browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. Only the top 1 million websites on the internet make it to Majestic Million. API, an own search engine with transparent ranking factors, link building and backlink tools are other value additions.

#4 BrightEdge

This superb all-in-one SEO tool covers mobile, local, social, search and content. It has a data cube feature  which reveals the content types and website page URLs that are earning top rankings on SERP for a keyword. There’s page reporting for seeing how well the pages are ranking. Intent signals provide insight on how to improve content based on organic competition. Insight into local searches is provided by the Hyper Local feature.

#5 HeyOrca

Social media is a big part of web marketing in the modern age. HeyOrca aims to simplify the content creation process to schedule, publish and put together social media updates. It’s great for presenting attractive content to clients. Marketeers can provide a context for brand narrative and receive feedback. There aren’t even spreadsheets. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Marketers can also assign each client a dedicated asset library and content calendar to sort images, videos and GIFs as per themes and tags. This tool has integration capabilities with Dropbox, Google Drive and Box, providing unlimited storage.

#6 Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is another popular digital marketing, social media tool. It offers unlimited, categorised online social update libraries for business as well as personal accounts. Content is scheduled through categories and cycled for a given category before recycling old content with a fresh spin. Users can even get updates from their favourite sites using RSS feeds. 

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