The Latest Ideas For Digital Marketing That You Should Consider

Around 81% of customers use online means like Google search to study products before making a purchase, according to MineWhat. Another study found that among B2B clients, 94% do the same thing. These customers not only research on the web, they also make purchases on account of online brand reputation. By 2021, Statisa expects global e-commerce to reach USD 4.5 trillion. If you want to make your business stand out online, here are the latest digital marketing ideas you should consider.

#1 Data-Driven Marketing

The details about customers, information about their preferences and data on buying behaviour are freely available. To really get customers to the site, data needs to guide decisions. Analysing how people act when they land on a site is critical to evaluate what encourages conversion and where people fall out of a buyer’s funnel. More data about consumer behaviour makes it easier to make informed marketing decisions. Streamline the effort and know your strengths and weaknesses through data-driven digital marketing assessments.

#2 Integrated Marketing Channels

For a positive brand experience across wide and varied channels, a consistent experience from the brand is imperative regardless of the channel of interaction. For integrating channels, campaigns need to be designed keeping synergies in mind. For instance, marketers can target keywords and create contact through organic and SEO efforts. Through paid searches, the page can be promoted before the keyword gains natural traction. Social media and email teams should work hand-in-hand to promote the content and market products and services online.

#3 Customers Come First

Customers can offer an excellent source of insight regarding needs. You need to speak with your customers to learn more about touchpoints in the consumer purchase decision journey and what encourages consumer loyalty. Joining the conversation on social media, building a powerful brand narrative based on interactions or using information for driving content creation are critical.

#4 Go Social, Think Global

Social media is a teeming repository of information online, with consumers discussing brands and latest products candidly on social media channels. Great digital marketing ideas can unearth the massive potential. Through conversations on social media, trends, news and views of your audience can be detected.

Through social media, audiences discuss and dissect brands. Digital marketing teams can learn more about what interests them and what they would like to read about. Optimising and creating content for keywords can be easier with social media channels serving as a testing ground for brand promotion ideas.

#5 Understand the Art of SEO

SEO has changed the way people do business online. Google objects to seeing content stuffed with keywords or a cut-and-paste job when it comes to online marketing. Internet marketing specialists understand the value of creating custom content that adds value for the user.

The best ideas for online web marketing are those that take you across the earliest stages of a buyer’s journey to the very end,  linking content to what people want to see. To drive traffic to the site, top-of-the-funnel content is not the only requirement. You also need to ask loyal customers to make another purchase. Tailor marketing efforts to align with customer needs, and gaining a positive brand image online will then be easier.

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