How to Increase Customer Retention Percentages by Understanding Your End User

Beyond conducting a friendly relationship with customers, no matter what service you offer, you must be educated in terms of times, deliveries, requests, and payments. "The customer is always right" is a phrase that currently, and perhaps in the past, should not apply at all if we really want to offer a  service that stands out and that meets the needs for which they hire us. Improving your customer relationship can, therefore, increase customer retention. 

Retention is shared and is part of a relationship and mutual agreement of responsibilities, rights, and results. When a client hires your services, regardless of whether you are a freelancer or a well-established agency, you must achieve a full understanding of the employment relationship that is beginning to be established. You really have to understand your clients to increase customer retention percentages

For this, it is important that you previously develop your rules in several aspects: response and working times, technical and intellectual capacities, your rights and responsibilities and those of the client, economic terms or payments and possible extra charges.

This can be established in a service contract which should be well structured and understandable to avoid any confusion or future claims or conflicts between both parties.

In addition, regardless of the contract, to maintain a conversation prior to the client accepting the proposal that you send him, it is important that in those previous meetings the comments and clarifications of what are those rules that you establish and understand are made by the client. In this way, both parties will know at the beginning if it is convenient or not start a working relationship.
  • Communication First
The relationship of service provision goes beyond simply winning a project or an account and offering a service for a specific time. In reality, it is a work of human and technical understanding and of the needs that the client has every day. Communication with customers can also really help you with customer retention too. 

You should not only see the customer as one more income to the bank account of the agency and your own portfolio. The customers are more than that. They are humans who seek to achieve their professional and work goals. 

If you manage to understand and communicate continuously with your client, you can take the labor relationship to a deeper level, where your future as a professional and service provider is secured. 

It is this client who can recommend you, speak well of you, support and even offer more projects, as long as you stop seeing them as just another client.
In the end, understanding and educating the client is not absolutely bad, on the contrary, it will help you to generate lasting relationships that will allow you to open more doors for greater professional and personal growth. Using these methods to understand your end user can help you a lot with custom retention.

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