How to Choose a Web Agency

One of the most important decisions when launching an advertising campaign is the choice of the agency. And not just because they are necessarily better or worse, but because there are more appropriate agencies for a particular advertiser, for a particular company or for a particular product or service. Here are a few steps and ideas to consider when picking a web agency.
When choosing a web agency, the credentials of creativity and talent of the company is as important as their transparency in their remuneration system. More criteria that are valued to select the agency are: experience, level of professionalism, previous relationships, international network, size of the agency and any awards it may have. 

Profiling a Web Agency
Defining the web agency profile will allow us to make the first selection among those agencies that best suit the needs of the client. Therefore, aspects such as geographical needs, size and structure, experience, languages, specialization, etc., must be taken into account.

Sector analysis This pre-selection, which we can carry out by ourselves or through the services of a specialized consultancy, will allow us to obtain the required information about different agencies and then create a shortlist of those that meet the needs and respond to the desired profile. Next, we will carry out a qualitative analysis in which we will try to obtain as much information as possible about the work of the agency, its teams, its successes, its clients, etc., which will allow us to reduce the list to just a couple of agencies. Once we have this selection, there are two possibilities at the time of carrying out the final one:

Direct Election
This occurs when the previous analysis has made it very clear to us what our agency should be.

Custom Presentations
These personalized presentations will allow us to assess elements (size, number of employees, offices, management team, accounts earned and lost in recent years, services offered, related companies, equipment that will be made available to us, complete list of clients and brands they work for, etc.); elements that, although they should not be paramount, do have a certain importance. Then, we can choose the agency that best matches our interests.

These are just a couple of the steps that you have to consider when you are trying to pick a web agency. Remember your choice of an agency can have a huge impact on your overall marketing and advertising campaign, so you have got to be very selective about who you end up hiring. There are many agencies out there, all touting for your business, so you have to remember how to select the best one to suit your unique criteria.

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