How To Action Off-Site Retention Programs For Retail?

Retailing is competition-driven. Gone are the days when pitching to customers within four walls of the shop helped in thwarting the forces of competition. The present technological age, necessities sellers to remain aggressive with their remarketing strategies on all quadrants simultaneously. None can choose to remain isolated from the digital wave. Online retention marketing strategies enable businesses to keep both global and local customers engaged without any gap for churn.

  • What Happens Off-Site And How To Leverage Off-Site Engagement?

When an existing customer is shopping for a product, he attributes all his attention to your brand, your salesman and even your loyalty marketing strategy. But the moment he steps out of your retail showroom, the scenario changes and the whole glossy world of competition is open to them with their own selling gimmicks. This is the reason why so much of an abuzz is going on about off-site engagement. Your brand simply needs to be there on the mobile pages, on the i-pads, for customers to shop based on their impulse. The answer is off-site customer retention programs.

  • Adopt Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Get a celebrity, a star, a thought leader or an activist, to speak about his or her successful journey with your brand for ages and find the difference. For example, when a celebrity endorses your brand or having used it since childhood, the impact on brand loyalty is unimaginable. Getting into long-term relationships with such influencers can work wonders for customer retention programs. Consistency is the key to employ influencer marketing for the returning customer.

  • Online Events Have The Viral Effect Of Referral Marketing

Build your online presence. This does not have to be expensive. Conducting online events are the most in-thing today in remarketing, where loyal customers get privileged access to the events, or perhaps a discount in joining fee, if any. The events need to encourage engagement with customers, since it is a great opportunity to interact with them over public forum. Spice up the events with attractive gifts, getaways and challenges and most importantly, make the events shareable, so that the viral effect of roping in global customers is created.

  • Build An Online Community

No one pauses to make friends with fellow-shoppers in your physical shop. The same action can be much more effectively performed by customers on digital networks since it leads to the creation of sensible and like-minded online communities. Loyal customers can command better say in the communication with newcomers and fresh customers too look forward to the user generated content available by dint of information shared freely and transparently on social media.

  • Partner With Third Party Vendors For Off-Site Loyalty Rewards

One excellent way of building customer retention programs is to offer as loyalty rewards, gifts beyond the company's product and service offering. Extending  VIP benefits can transform existing customers into brand advocates.
Boosting repeat business is thus a challenging task ahead brick and mortar retailers. The same process is made easy for tech-savvy and daring retailers who go the extra mile to develop personalized relationship with customers, irrespective of physical distances and geographical boundaries.

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