Custom Web Design Techniques for the Modern Designer

When a client asks for a custom web design, there are a few essential techniques that any modern designer should know. This is because as a designer, you want to try and ensure that the designs that you have created are actually eye-catching. These are a few of the techniques that you can use to achieve that goal. With these techniques you can take your custom web design to the next level.
  • Establish a Hierarchy
In custom web design you must guide the user. For this reason clear navigation is essential, as well as call-to-action buttons among many other elements. In fact, all the elements that exist on the site serve to guide the user. If the composition is observed as a whole, then you will notice that there are certain areas that the user observes first. The mere act of dividing a page into sections is to determine the desired reading order. In this way, we determine that a section is of greater importance on a page. For example, the message that is visible in the first screenshot of any page has more relevance.

Not only is hierarchy established on the page in general, but also in each composition that can be recognized on the site if each page is divided into sections. In this way, the entire custom web design site can be read correctly if a correct visual hierarchy has been applied.
  • Use the Blanks Appropriately
White spaces are important elements in any type of custom web design. They improve the readability and the fluidity of the site, although often they are not given the appropriate importance because this space is recognized as "empty". While this is true to some extent, that space has a purpose and as such is important in the composition.

The blank space that each item possesses depends a lot on the content volume of the site. Although these spaces exist in an online newspaper, they are not as evident and extensive as it may be in the case of landing or launch pages. Also, there are certain trends that make greater use of blank spaces such as minimalism.

These are not the only factors that determine the use of blank spaces, but also the amount of attention you want them to have. When a certain element surrounds a large amount of white space greater than others, then this particular element becomes more visible to users. White space is one of the tools that allows you to establish a hierarchy.

A custom web design does not have to be completely minimalist or avoid the use of textures, colors, icons or illustrations. In fact, you can incorporate a lot of resources if necessary. A custom design refers to the ease with which users can interact in its interface.

While you can be creative and more experimental in personal projects, in some client projects it is better to decide on a simple and attractive web design.

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